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  • Yajat Shirpurkar

Week 10 - Looking Better

Having 2 weeks this time, I was able to divide my work better and had plenty of time to make good progress. I first started on the notes I got for week 08 of adding noise to V for my emitters. I added noise and animated it to give both the dense sand layer and the sand smoke some variation. I increase the magnitude of the sand and changed the animation so that the legs also impact the ground. This gave me a much more impactful sand hit just like the reference.

For the sand that seems to stick or follow the Jett Trooper, I created a "Sandiness Map" and had the Trooper painted where it collides with the ground. I did this using attribute transfer and I connected this area to a popnet where I began emitting points. From those points, I emitted smoke and make that into a "Sand Trail" layer. This definitely added a lot into my project and gives it a way more realistic look. The ground impact is now satisfying and all the elements come together for a realistic crash.

I also started working on the Impact Smoke trail this week. After seeing what Professor Lim had to say about the impact smoke trail, he suggested I use 2 different simulations for the close up and the wide shot since the emission seems to have moved to the jetpack instead of the chest plate for the wide shot. I attached an emitter to the edge of the jetpack like in the reference and was able to play around with the parameters and variations of the emitter to get a more dense and dark look.

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