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  • Yajat Shirpurkar

Week 12 - Close to Crunch Time

With only 2 weeks left, I am not happy with my Capstone. These next 2 weeks I will be focusing on making this Capstone look great in terms of photorealism and the effects intertwining for that realism. This week, I have fixed the stepping issue that's been giving me problems. The emitter for the dark impact smoke was moving too quick so I used a trail node to add points in between of the movement thus fixing the issue. I redid the sand ground and fixed the texture tiling issue. Using a ramp parameter for the pscale, I was able to use the Power Law and make most of the sand particles very small and a few bigger thus decreasing the look of the uniformity in the dense sand hit. I played around with a small explosion setup and was able to get a good first pass but the coloring is a bit off which I will fix next week.


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