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  • Yajat Shirpurkar

Week 2 - Camera and Sparks

This week, I worked on getting the sparks setup done as well as match the camera and lighting. I have made proxies of the ground and the mountains in the back. These assets are just placeholders so that I can match the reference and showcase it. The sparks in the reference shot have a big burst and die out quickly in 3 or 4 frames. I have replicated this and matched the impulse timing of the hit to the frame that the animation gets hit.

I have attached the smoke to the animation and had the emitters animated to get dynamic smoke. I calculated the direction of the velocity of the thrusters and the smoke now has realistic movement in relation to how the Jett Trooper is spiraling. The smoke look and movement is still not all there yet and I will have to keep testing new things to get the smoke to match the reference.

I have also now animated the camera roughly and I hope to match it in a better way later once I figure out more about the Houdini camera and motion blur. For now, I have matched the general camera movement and impact so that I can showcase the shot with lighting.

I found this amazing tutorial this week as well which really helped me understand some things concerning the velocity of an animation and pyro which I will need next week .


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