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  • Yajat Shirpurkar

Week 3 - Figuring Out Velocity

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

This week, I spent a lot of time researching and trying to use velocity to drive my thruster smoke. After a complicated start, I was able to make a custom velocity pushing outwards constantly. I then matched the velocity to the normals of the thrusters.

Using a fuel controller I was able to animate the fuel decreasing and increasing like the reference. I played around with the pyro solver a lot to try and match the reference and I am now much closer to the reference in terms of the look.

For the ground crash, I was able to calculate the velocity of the animation and reverse it using an attribute wrangle set to (-1 * v) so that it would shoot the particles outwards. I then used that to drive the POPnet.

Next week I will be working on figuring out how to equate this data to the particle count and start the sand dust look as well as the big hit layer. I have also fixed the camera and made it far more accurate to the original setup. I added the close-up shot where the Jett Trooper gets hit and then switched to the wide shot just like the reference.

Here is the render I have this week! I've used basic geometry and colors for the early weeks but I plan to work on the photorealism towards the end of my Capstone timeline when all the FX is completed

Here is my WIP for the week!

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