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  • Yajat Shirpurkar

Week 5 - Procedural Sand Emitter

From last week's feedback, it seems that I had not really understood what an emitter really meant. This week, I spent all of my efforts learning and making a ground interaction emitter. I utilized attribute VOPs and some VEX. Using booleans, I was able to create seams where the trooper collided with the ground, I then gave some geometry to the curves and created the emitter geometry. Then I converted the Normals of the ground and the character into velocity outputting the opposite direction. I now had geometry with correct velocity in order to drive my particles.

Using the subnetwork, I began making this emitter artist friendly by adding parameters that can art direct the look of the velocity. These were my final settings for this week's sand looks.

This is what the POPnet looked like when the Trooper first collides with the ground. Doing this right made me realise how important the emitter is. The dust smoke layer as well as the dense sand was far more straight forward after setting this emitter up and I was able to get better results almost immeditately.

Here is this week's WIP and the contact sheet. I am most proud of my dusty sand layer and I think it is getting close to looking good. I have a lot of work to do for the dense sand hit as well as add collision to it like the reference.

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