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8th Hour Films

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Be Quiet

With the Dallas 48 Hour Film Project, my team and I were tasked to make a silent film within 48 hours! Tied to a railway track, 3 men have to play a twisted game of words in order to survive.  I am humbled at the reception for this film as we have won 5 awards including Best Director and Best Cinematography! This film has also won Best Film at the UTD Cosmic Film Festival 2024!

Hide and Seek


Two brothers have to consider an old prophecy that may affect their lives today. This passion project of mine deals with concepts of time, decisions, fate, and death. I am happy to say that this film has won Best Cinematography at the UTD Cosmic Film Festival 2024! This film has not been released yet but here are stills from the film!

An Angel of Death

This film is currently in the works and we have begun filming! This film is inspired by some of my favorite films and will feature a vigilante dealing with an otherworldly encounter. 

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